Monday, February 14, 2011

Welcome A2O Fitness Powered by Colorfuel!!

Thank you to Allison and Jenn at A2O Fitness for this wonderful opportunity to partner with them!  When I met them at the Humphreys Diabetes Weight Loss Challenge kick off I told them everything I knew about nutrition and fitness was either through trial and error or I found someone on the internet that said it was so!!

Trial and error is no way to go through a diet and exercise plan but somehow I was able to stick with it and lose the weight.  Unfortunately, I still have a lot to learn about both nutrition and structuring a workout routine that will provide the maximum results.  I have been training with Austin Zander at A2O for 3 weeks now and going to a group class once a week in addition to my own training at home.  Austin has helped me add strength training to my routine which has helped my performance already.  My running weakness has always been my core strength which has improved in each of the classes and sessions!

I have also been doing Colorfuel for about three weeks now and I am loving it.  The meal plans have given me a variety that I haven't had in a long time and even exposed me to some new things I had never had.  I had TOFU in a shake yesterday and it was wonderful!!  My kids even liked it.  The meals are well balanced so I am getting just what I need and nothing I don't.  My wife and I have been doing this together and she has already lost18 pounds with the help of Heather Easton at A2O and the Colorfuel nutrition plan! 

As you can tell I am really excited about this opportunity and look forward to going from good to great with their help and guidance!

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"~Seneca, 1st Century Roman Philosopher

Wish me luck! Ryan

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