Saturday, April 2, 2016

Boise Spring Run 10k

This must be the year of 3rd place for me! I got 3rd at the Run 4 Luv 5k, 3rd at the Buffalo Run 100 miler, and most recently 3rd at the Boise Spring Run 10k on Saturday. I would like to thank all the fast guys for staying home at each of the races! It should be noted that I was 5th overall on Saturday because I got smoked by 2 super fast ladies.

After my impromptu HR test on Friday I knew I wouldn't have gas to run race pace for the half so I did the 10k so I could just run hard.

Speed stomach felt like it was about the size of a nickel at the end from running so hard. Too bad too because the food looked good. Course was long so I lapped my watch at 10k with a time of 42:05.

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