Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Antelope Island Buffalo Run - Taper Week

I have been pondering what I might say in a race report after the Buffalo Run 100 miler on Friday.  Since I did the race last year the report will undoubtedly be a lot different.  Sometimes I like to write them as if I am sharing my experience so others can learn from my mistakes and successes and sometimes its more of a play by play.  I have always hated when ultra runners tell newbies 'We are all an experiment of one.'  Which by all accounts is true.  The useful information an answer like this provides however is absolutely nothing!  The reason I ask the question in the first place is because I want to know what YOUR 'experiment of one' looked like so I can start trying some things.  Anyway, I have approached training a bit differently this year and have been doing some things different hoping to see some different results.  Either way, I'll be back to report on MY experiment of one so I can continue to figure out what does and does not work for me.

The goal this year is to break 20 hours.  That isn't a big stretch from the 21:12 last year but still improvement nonetheless.  It is hard to quantify how much energy we wasted trying to stay warm in the crazy cold temperatures so that should give us a good bit of energy back.

During taper week I often find myself with lots on my mind, too much energy, and work seems to always get crazy.  Found these while trying to relax at lunch today!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Berry - Daily Motivation - The Price of Success

I saw this today and it made me smile because I know it's true! For more motivational stuff go to TheBerry.com

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