Saturday, January 10, 2015

Dailymile 2014 Year End Report

Another year gone and lots of miles in the bank.  My spring training for the Buffalo Run 100 in March and Western States 100 in June took a lot out of me.  After States I felt generally awful, lost motivation, and somehow was able to keep running some decent miles the rest of the year.  I had my first DNF at IMTUF in September which was disappointing but had no regrets.  I ran my 4th Foothills Frenzy in October and had my slowest time.  I knew I would, the way I was feeling, so I dressed up all goofy and just had a good time.  In November I went to Javelina to support Michelle and got in some good miles with her and several friends who were there.

I am feeling good and ready to take on the new year.  This year's plan is to get fast this spring and then add some big mountains so I can kick ass at Speedgoat 50k again and Wasatch 100 (like I didn't last time)!

Last Year's Report
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