1. What an amazing accomplishment. My weight loss challenge team is coming to our 6 month goal. Brian Davis shared your blog with me and it is an inspiration to keep pushing. I would love to share with them if that ok with you. We at the push point! Thanks for inspiring me! Katie

  2. Share away! That is why I put this stuff out here. I learned almost everything from trial and error. I hope this may help others reduce the error learning curve! Where is the challenge, sounds interesting!


  3. very impressive .Since last august I have dropped 70 and at 42 have a half in San Diego in August .I expect my time to be around 2 hrs 10 min .Your times are really fantastic .That roble half marathon is one i am interested in next year as i have parents in star.Western states is on my 5 year goals.Runnig a sub 13 min for 50 miles to qualify seems like a very high hurdle to qualify.i need to read about your diet .
    Thank you keep it up

  4. Awesome quick skim of your blog Ryan! Amazing. I will check it out more!! I"m sure you are an inspiration for many!! I love big goals - why not.. if you don't set a goal you can't achieve a goal right!? Happy to have found your story I love happy endings/begginings! Tara

    1. Thanks Tara! I hope that people can draw inspiration from seeing that regular people have the power to make big changes in their life when they truly want it! Ryan

  5. Hello Ryan,

    I'm a college student looking for ways of inspiration and tips to lose weight. I'm currently 285 pounds and am about to start my weight loss program. Are there any tips you could give me.

  6. Your weight loss story is inspirational. I'm a college student who is about to begin a weight loss program as well. Are there any tips you could share.


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