Friday, February 18, 2011


This photograph is hanging on the wall at A2O Fitness and I just love it.  Thank you Gina Radovcich of Photography by Gina Marie for letting me share this photo here. 

I do not know that I have any special ability.  I didn't even realize I was a runner until September of 2009. What I do have, is the motivation to achieve my goals now and the positive attitude to take the highs with the lows and learn from each experience along the way.

I am convinced that the positive attitude is the most important part of the equation.  It is what allows you to see the opportunity in every difficulty instead of the other way around.  I have visited with many people who are trying to get in shape and turn their health around.  I have heard several say 'nothing works so I might as well give up'.  My usual response is, every day is a new day!  Last week was horrible, SO WHAT!!  Put it behind you and recommit to your goals.  You can do it!

*On a side note, someday I hope to learn how to properly execute the move they are demonstrating in the picture without looking like a total uncoordinated idiot! I blame it on my left-handedness.  I end up dancing around like a leprechaun and laughing!


  1. Thanks for sharing this with me today. :) I needed a reminder to keep a positive attitude no matter what!

  2. I am convinced that my positive outlook lets me shed lots of self doubt and negativity which can really sidetrack progress in whatever goal I am chasing!

  3. I think you may be the most positive person I've ever known and it's a wonderful thing - especially the way you try to pay it forward to others (like me!) Never stop believing in yourself or being YOU! The world is a nicer place to live in with wonderful, hope-inspiring friends like YOU in it!


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