Friday, February 18, 2011

I'm TALLER today!!

Last night I had a personal training session with Austin at A20 which went well.  I started with measurements and to my surprise I am maintaining my weight while using the ColorFuel food plan.  I say surprised only because I feel like I am eating more, but in reality I am fueling my body with just what it needs in the proportions it needs.  I enjoy the food choices and to this point I am happy with the improvements. 

So, I maintained my weight and cut a little flab off my stomach which is nice.  I think over the period I was losing weight my gut measurement went down 18 inches.  I honestly don't know where 18 inches of stomach goes but I am not complaining!

Then we did an anaerobic threshold test on the treadmill to help make me more conscious of where my threshold is.  As a runner it is very important because when you cross over the line it doesn't take long to burn up all the glycogen in your muscles.  So, 8.0 on the treadmill for a few minutes resulted in a HR of 129.  Gradually Austin increased the incline for the first 7 or 8 minutes while holding the speed constant.  The last couple of minutes were 8.5% incline and 8.0 mph.  I could definitely feel my body reaching my AT at a heart rate of 160.

The workout was predominantly upper body to give my legs a rest for my 18 miler this weekend which was nice.  BUT, the best thing was doing stretches on the rings hanging from the ceiling.  I am taller than the height of the rings.  Holding 1 ring, I was able to lean into a full side stretch which really relaxed my spine and back.  I did it a couple of times on both sides and felt great.  When I got up to go to work this morning both of my side mirrors and my rear view mirror were way out of alignment (which I didn't notice last night in the dark).  I have come to the conclusion that I got about an inch taller doing those stretches!!  Running seems to jar and compact everything so it was good to re-set my height!!

Make it a great day!

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