Thursday, March 3, 2011

Negative Splits Bart Yasso from Runner's World

I saw this video the other day in an email I got from Runner's World.  I tried it this morning on my tempo run and felt surprisingly great at the end.  Of course it wasn't the full distance but training my mind and body to have something left at the end is important.  4 miles @ 6:58, 4 miles @ 6:53, 1.4 miles @ 6:44

I like in the video where he says that if you are closing fast, the mental lift from passing other runners will help.  I can attest to that, I experienced that in St. George.  It kind of went two ways though.  I was happy to still have my speed after the 19 mile point, but it was also kind of sad at the same time to see people fading when they had been doing so well.

So, try the negative split run for a mental lift.........

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