Sunday, March 20, 2011

Lake Lowell with Sam

Last week I was having trouble staying motivated and focused on my long run so I asked Sam if he would join me this weekend.  I was hoping that he could get me pumped up to stay focused and relaxed during my run and it really worked.  Sam ran the Boston Marathon last year after qualifying in St George in 2009.  He was a great mentor and motivator for St George so too! 

We went out to the boat ramp near Lake Lowell and I ran 14.3 at a 7:04 pace and he rode the bike.  The course was pretty hilly which will be good training for Boston.  Sam needed 'to take it easy' since he is running 100 miles this coming weekend at the Antelope Island Buffalo Run.  Taking it easy is a relative term when you are an ultra runner though!

Thanks to Sam for giving me a shot of motivation and confidence.  I was really happy with the time given the hills and amount of time I spent talking.  It's difficult for me to run fast and hold a conversation.  Michelle has gotten pretty good at holding one sided conversations.

The other surprise was my heart rate which averaged 153. This was an amazing level for me at this pace.  Miles 8-12 were all in the upper 140's which was amazing. I feel like all my hard work is coming together at the right time!! 

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