Monday, March 28, 2011

Boston or Botox?

Boston or Botox? Thoughts on surviving marathons, motherhood and midlife triumphs

I just wanted to share this wonderful story from one of my running friends I met recently.  Danica had an essay published in Runner's World that got things started. (RW Essay)

One of her goals over the last year was to run 1770 miles between last year's Boston Marathon and this year's.  She is really close to her goal and has asked friends who wanted to help to share training miles in support of her goal.  (T-shirt challenge) I am supporting her with my miles this week (Saturday-Friday).  I am at 24 so far and hoping for more!

I looked back at my miles this morning and I am at 1,697 miles since last year's race. Unfortunately, according to Google Maps it is 2,695 miles from Boise to Boston!!

Make it a great day everyone! Ryan

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