Thursday, March 24, 2011

ColorFueling for the day

Since the first of February I have been using the ColorFUEL nutrition plan everyday to help fuel my workouts and recovery.  This morning I burned 1189 calories before 6:30 and needed some serious reFUELing.  As I was getting my food together for the day I thought it would be fun to give an example of what I eat each day. 

Red Breakfast - Fired up roll up (eggs, whole wheat tortilla, cheese, avocado)
Blue Morning Snack -  Banana roll up (peanut butter, whole wheat tortilla, banana)
Orange Lunch - Turkey chili with veggies
Green Afternoon Snack - Pack n go protein (hard boiled eggs, apple)
Yellow Dinner - Not sure what's for dinner.  I'll let Michelle surprise me!

I also have a protein shake each day.  Today it is a combination of 3 different kinds because we were low on some of the ingredients.  I think today is tofu, mango, mixed berry, vanilla protein powder, flax seed, and added vanilla.  The shakes are all awesome☺

Anyway, in the past two months I have been eating a lot better.  The quantity is more than I was used to when I was in weight loss mode too.  During this time period I have remained the same weight and lost 4 % body fat.  I even got a blood test back from the doctor that said I had HIGH good cholesterol and LOW bad cholesterol.

As you can see in the picture, most of this stuff is something you can grab right out of the fridge and be on your way.  No more excuses that making and taking your food for the day is too much work!!

Make it a great day today!


  1. I love the banana roll up! It's become my new sweet snack and I was wondering how healthy it was, so I'm happy to see you enjoy it too... that must mean it isn't too bad. ;) Do you put your banana inside the tortilla? I cut up half a banana and put it inside the roll up. Oh, and adding some natural honey is delicious too - even just with PB and honey in a roll-up is awesome!

  2. I usually put the rollup in the microwave for 20 seconds to soften it up and then just eat the banana along with it. I use Adams natural PB too and it tastes really good. You should take a look at the colorfuel website. They have a 30 day free trial period. It might be a way to get some food ideas. I was super boring when I was losing. I had the same thing for breakfast and lunch for nearly a year. Now I have variety but it's still good healthy stuff.

    BTW congrats on your weight loss! Keep up the good work.


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