Thursday, March 17, 2011

No seat bike...

I would like to thank Austin and Heather at A2O Fitness for pushing me to give 100% each week during the Tuesday Express Circuit class each week. I know I benefit greatly from attending this class. I do what I can to try to keep up with all the women in class too!

For cross training on my own today I decided to give the running legs a break and ride the stationary bike. For those who have attended the A2O group classes and training sessions, you know that the spin bike has no seat so you have to support your body weight without sitting. During the Express class, the circuits are short but intense.

I decided to put the ‘no seat bike’ workout to the test today. I used the Precor stationary bike at the clubhouse in our subdivision for 45 minutes.

7 sets - 4 minutes at resistance 20, 2 minutes on resistance 15
3 minute cool down

This was easily, the best workout ever on this machine and I felt good afterwards!

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