Thursday, February 28, 2013

Progress Day 35

I always hate when I hear people say they lost 3 pounds over and over while forgetting to mention the weeks in between where they gained it back. SO, I gained 1.6 pounds this week, up from 174.8 last Thursday. My food log doesn't agree with the change but I have have been feeling terrible this week and taking a host of feel good pills. I have not taken any today since this morning thinking it was my body holding onto fluid from the meds. So I'll do it again in the morning and if it's an improvement I'll go with that number!

On a side note, I am having my blood drawn in the morning and can't eat until 9:30 which will likely be the end of me since I get up so dang early.  Oh, and I am planning on putting my name at the top of the Aldape FKT board in the morning with Derek!

*Update.  I weighed exactly the same this morning.  Guess I just need to keep at it!  Derek and I found slush, ice, and snow up Rocky Canyon which wasn't much of a surprise.  BUT I am not in the mood to get hurt doing something I shouldn't be.  We decided to just run from 5 Mile Gulch up Rocky Canyon to Orchard and then back around 5 Mile on the trails.  It was nice to be off the ice but the deep slush and snow wasn't much better.  I also have a blood draw at work today that I am supposed to be fasting for.  Needless to say I should have stayed in bed this morning.

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