Thursday, February 14, 2013

Progress Day 21

Day 21 has arrived and I can say that I stuck to my goal of eating right and tracking my calories. The only day that I fell off the wagon was Super Bowl Sunday but that is OK because I can't pretend like there will never be another get together or special occasion. I allowed myself to splurge that day.

On January 25th starting weight was 190.2 so this 176.8 makes 13.4 pound total.  I was down 3.6 from last Thursday when I was 180.4.  In the last 7 days I have run more than any other week outside of a race week with about 80 miles.  On Saturday I ran my first 10K in just over 43 minutes and came in 6th place.  On Sunday I ran 26 miles in the foothills with some greenbelt to connect the smaller loops.  I am feeling stronger every day and can feel the benefits of not pushing around the extra weight.

Now I just have to lose 1.8 before next Thursday to meet my stretch goal!

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