Wednesday, February 27, 2013

3 Cool Things Before 7am

The first cool thing was I tried some new endurance fuel from Tailwind Nutrition after reading a review by Cory Reese.  I don't normally have GI issues but I am always looking for something great.  I mentioned seeing his post to my friend Christine who finds it hard to get calories down during a race. She bought some and we split it.  Anyway, it went down easy, tasted good, and I felt good afterward.  It was a 12+ mile predawn run in cool temps so I would say it needs more field testing but I like it!

The second cool thing that happened was I bought a SMALL shirt for work and brought it to wear today.  I told Michelle I bought a shirt and she rolled her eyes as if to say YOU DO NOT NEED ANY MORE SHIRTS!   .....and she is right.  I bought it just because I could AND it fits.  (no sausage wrap here) The last time I bought a small anything I was probably 12 years old. It was a really good feeling after years of never being able to find anything on the rack because all the XXXL's were gone.

The other cool thing this morning was completing 2 laps at Polecat Trail with Christine.  We negative split the 2 loops by 2 minutes and spent a total of 50 seconds in the 'aid station' at my truck between laps. Good times!


  1. Awesome, glad you checked out the Tailwind. Even though I've used it a few months, all my runs have been on the cool side also so I'm looking forward to seeing how it holds up in heat.

    And.....props on the small shirt!

    1. Thanks! If you go for your drop bag at Antelope and the Tailwind is missing it was probably me thieving it from you!!! Gettin excited :D


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