Thursday, February 21, 2013

Progress Day 28

Today is day 28 and my 3rd anniversary of meeting my weight loss goal of 175 back in 2010. I have been working hard to get back under 175 these last few weeks and made my goal today.  I just barely squeaked by with a 174.8.  I'll take it, progress is progress. This is a total of 15.4 pounds in the last 4 weeks from my starting weight of 190.2. 

More importantly I have been able to string 4 good weeks back to back which has seemed to elude me for so long. Up, down, up, down never really getting anywhere.

I put in the work this week and put in the restraint at the table to get my goal so I was confident it was going to happen for me.  My prior success has given me a lot of confidence that I can do this as well as just about anything I set my mind to if I am willing to put in the work.  At races I am rarely surprised by my results because I know what work did or did not get done in training. 

The difficulty of getting back to this weight reminds me of something I learned along the way.  Losing weight is the easy part...keeping it off for the next 40 years is the more difficult of the two.  So, 3 down 37 to go. 

(Keeping the weight off article I found last year when preparing for the Boise Cascade health fair.)

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