Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Do that!

When people ask me about weight loss, getting in shape, and running.  It often times leads to the....but I hate to run conversation.

I HATED to run when I first started too but that's not the point.  The  point is, find something you love and do that!  Walking, swimming, biking, bowling, gardening, snow shoeing, skiing....whatever it is just keep moving!

When you love it, it becomes a habit that isn't work at all.  If you love it, you will continue even after you reach your initial goals.

Make it a great day~ Ryan


  1. Thanks for sharing ! I am look you i was 160 kg and dropped down to 80kg but the bad i didnt eat and walk an hour every day .

    but I gained weight by not moving and eating alot i gained 30kg and i want to go back but i lost the motivation because I am failing to RUN i want to ask how were you able to run can you help me on this problem

    1. I started out with A LOT of walking. It built my cardio and strengthened my legs. Over the summer I rode my bike a lot and jumped into running in fairly good condition. I would start with the walking or hiking as a first step.



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