Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Polecat Morning Run

I don't normally add much here for my daily activity but this run was just wonderful.

View from Quick Draw Trail
Christie and I were supposed to go tear up the greenbelt with our lightning fast speed this morning but it snowed overnight so we decided to go to Polecat Loop instead.

The snow was probably 2 inches all the way around and the sagebrush and grass had a half inch coating as well. The trail was quiet beneath our feet with the snow muffling the sound. The clouds were hanging low and the moon was amazing through it all. We decided to make a little extra loop via Quick Draw trail which was gorgeous since the sun was now coming up.

Not much speed today but it was tons of fun. Christie and I got to chat on the way back to work. We drove separately but the roads were terribly icy so she hopped in with me and met her husband at my work.

Top of Quick Draw
I was glad she was able to capture these photos but they don't really do justice for how gorgeous the morning was.  Stars, clouds, moon, snow.....ahhh!!


  1. Running in the freshly fallen snow, watching the sun rise and playing in a winter wonderland - it was a magical run! I only wished there was a photo of my frozen braids!!!! :)

  2. Yes, now that the sun is coming up at a decent time we should start packing a camera. Until daylight savings ruins it for us!

  3. I was thinking that too. I'll bring one on Tuesday since I have never been to Table Rock while it's dark. I need some of those shots for my blog!


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