Thursday, February 16, 2012

Lessons on Weight Loss from Runner's World

Lessons on Weight Loss - Most people who have lost weight (and kept it off) adopted these five habits. It'll be your loss if you adopt them, too. - RW

I have fallen into the 'I deserve it' category many times.  As much as I run I should weigh about 120! But I eat to refuel....and then some.  I need to plan out my after run meal before hand so I don't end up eating junk that I don't need!

Timing is another thing I have had problems with.  I am a morning runner / exerciser and I eat breakfast at 4:20 in the morning many days.  After my workout I have a post recovery snack at about 7:30 (usually a protien shake with berries or a banana mixed in).  I am ready to devour my arm long before lunch.  During my weight loss period I always worked out at home so I would have something like a piece of bread to settle my stomach before my workout and then have breakfast at 7:30 which eliminated the calories of the post workout snack since it was my breakfast.  Plus, I was feeling full longer from a bigger meal and made it to lunchtime more easily.  Now I often drive to where I am going to run and then head straight to work which means I have to pack everything but the kitchen sink in the morning!

I'll have to play with my eating and exercise schedule to find something that works better for me.  I enjoy meeting other people to run, so I may need to stock the fridge at work and have breakfast here!!

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