Tuesday, August 28, 2012


The 1,000 yard stare!!

I am hopeless at race reports so here it goes.  I got up early the day of the race and upgraded from the 50k to the 50M, which turned out to be 54 miles. 

I did really well up to the halfway point.  After that the miles from Speedgoat the week prior were calling my name.  I did pretty good at the aid stations up until Skunk Creek at about mile 33. 

It was then that I decided to just take it easy and get some good miles and time on my feet.  Pushing hard, I felt, would inevitably lead to injury.  So, I had fun and stopped to chat with everyone and waste more than my fair share of time at the aid stations.  I was ready to be done by the time I crossed the finish line for sure!! 

After finishing, my body freaked out and was unable to regulate my temperature.  It wasn't even cold out and I thought I would freeze to death shivering uncontrollably.  Wayne got me fixed up and I was good as can be expected after 54 miles just a short time later.  Good times!

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