Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bogus Night Run

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I thought Christine and I had better get out on a night run together since she will be joining me at night.  I also wanted to practice by starting a run late in the evening and running into the night when I am tired from the day.  It was fun but really cold in places.  We stopped back at the mobile aid station about half way and nearly froze.  Somehow we dragged our butts out and got moving again, which is also good training for the real thing.  All in all it was a fun night.  Bright moon, gorgeous sunset, and no creatures unfortunately.  Last time I did this I kicked out a giant mule deer buck who was confused that someone would be doing something so stupid at that hour!!

On the way up

Just as we started


  1. Awesome pictures, sounds like a great night. As much as I love running on trails, I hate running them at night. I consider it a necessary evil for the ultras.

    Looking forward to hearing about the upcoming race!

    1. I love running at night! Last year at Bear I went from walking the downhills to running the next 10 miles straight after the sun went down!! The low that night was 32 and I had shorts on too :D


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