Thursday, August 9, 2012

Wasatch Quote

"Remember this is fun, it will be over before you know it so soak up every minute and remember you are one of a lucky few." --Jim Milar (advice given to Stephen Jones at Wasatch 100 last year)

I'll be smart to remember this nugget of wisdom.

I saw this quote on the Wasatch 100 Facebook page back in February and it has stuck with me since then.  As we get closer to raceday the page is sprinkled with stories of injuries and people who for one reason or another are not going to be able to make it to the starting line.

I am fortunate and blessed to have had good solid training with not much more than minor physical issues.  Which is amazing given the amout of miles and crazy terrain we have to traverse to prepare for something like this. 

So, for those of you fortunate enough to join me on the course, either as a runner, pacer, or crew, look for me.  I'll be guy with the big-ass smile just happy to be "one of the lucky few" out for a fun run in the Utah mountains!

On the way to Point Supreme approximately mile 77. Photo Credit: Jay Smithberger


  1. Running in scenery like that definitely makes you lucky. With the training you have gotten in, you are going to do awesome!

  2. Thanks Cory! Looking forward to it :D


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