Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Vision of a Champion

I saw this on FB (photo credit: positivelylosingit.tumblr.com ) today and it reminded me how I felt before I made the decision to attempt a 100 miler last year.  I think I was caught up in the excitement of watching others do it and thought if they could do it so could I.  Then I asked myself these questions. First, would I be signing up for this race if none of my friends did.  Second, if I had to do all of my training alone would I still be signing up for this race.  Once I could answer those two questions with a resounding yes, I signed up.

Don't get me wrong, racing and training with friends is wonderful.  Three of my friends ran Bear 100 with me and we did several training runs over the summer together.  The point is that I wanted to make sure it was something I truly wanted to do and not just because it was something everyone ELSE was doing.

I have learned along the way that if I am 100% committed, I will be out training and running toward my dreams......when no one else is watching.

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