Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bear training looking back....

Jay ( letsrunhomey ) got me thinking about my training for Bear in relation to what I had planned in the beginning.  Mine looked something like his although my average planned week was in the mid 60 mile range with a peak week of 73 three weeks before the race.

Well, the summer was busy and I got in what I could.  My chart starts on April 18th, the day I ran in Boston, and goes to raceday on September 23rd.  I had three 50+ mile runs and three 30+ mile runs.  I peaked in week 14, mid July, instead of late August.  A couple of weeks I just couldn't get the miles I needed for the long run but that's ok. 

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  1. Brandon ( made a comment on that post which got me thinking too.
    I'm tweaking my plan a bit so that my weekly mileage peaks seem to chase my long run peaks.
    I expect it'll be 40, 50, 100k for my longest workouts leading up to Leadville.
    I'll be fueling with Saltenas...


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