Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Heartbreak Hill?

Saw this on FB and thought it was interesting......

Profiles of some of the more well known 100 Mile Races compared to Boston Marathon’s Heartbreak Hill at the bottom.   The first hill at the Bear accounted for about 3,500 feet of gain and 9 feet of loss in the first 4.5 the second aid station in Leatham Hollow I had 6,000 feet of gain and 5,400 of loss.  Luckily I was still fresh and only had 81 more miles to go!!...........


  1. Puts things in perspective ;) .... Ive been meaning to actually take a good look at the Boston Profile so that i can compare them to the (mole)hills i have here to train on... oh how i wish we had some mountains close by.

  2. Someone who lives in a flat area told me they did repeats over and back on a road overpass in their area to train for Boston. That would be more than adequate I imagine.


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