Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Heart Rate Zones

More to add but here is the raw data after finding my Max HR of 204 this morning....


  1. Thank you for this info. I'm interested in using more heart rate data so this is helpful.

  2. The McMillan calculator is cool if you haven't seen it too. It will be a fun experiment to see if the HR zones match up to what McMillan says is my easy/tempo pace.

  3. Also, I am thinking I will use a marathon type plan for my next ultra. Let the HR Zones guide the pace but sprinkle in some tempo and speed runs like the marathon plans do. Then on the weekend go with the prescibed long run from the 100 training plan while keeping it in right HR zone. It's really tricky on the trails but I am trying to figure out if this approach will work for the Antelope Island run in March near Salt Lake.

  4. I'm excited to see how this approach plays out in your training over the next few months, Ryan! It should be a fun experiment and keep things fresh!


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