Saturday, December 7, 2013

5th Sort of Annual Ryan Anderson Invitational Marathon

Today was a wonderful day spent with Christie, Derek and Michelle celebrating 1 more year of maintaining my weight loss and counting my blessings.

It was 19 degrees at the start with a wind chill of 6 degrees through 3 to 4 inches of fresh snow a majority of the way. It felt like running on the beach for 26.2 miles which wore us out. BUT there was zero possibility that I was not going to go the distance.  I told Michelle I would still be out doing it even if there was a foot of snow and 20 below.  That's how much this means to me.

The original plan was for Michelle and Christie to ride along on the bikes like they did last year but the snow was so crazy they opted to meet us along the way with the car which was fun too.  The cold combined with our hard breathing made for wonderful beard-sicles too.

My original plan for the run was to beat my 3:08 time from the Potato Marathon in May.  After about 5 steps Derek and I knew that would never happen so we just embraced the snow and cold and tried to have fun.

Today was also the Western States 100 lottery. I have put my name in for 3 years and I told my wife I am turning off my phone so no one can text me. I also told her that if someone sends a text to her I didn't want to know if I got in or not.  I went so far as to tell her not to even appear happy or I would know I got in!

After I finished, Michelle said I know you didn't want to know but the best way to receive good news is among friends! YOU GOT INTO WESTERN STATES! It was the perfect way to end a wonderful day with her, Christie, and Derek.

26.22 mi 4:04 09:17 pace


  1. Congrats on WS! I really wish I lived closer to you guys (minus the snow, I'm allergic to that) so that I could run with you guys and participate in the sort of marathon.

    1. Next year how bout if you run 26.2 through Zion in my honor and I'll run 13.1 remotely to support the Hostess Run!

  2. It was a pleasure getting to be part of helping you celebrate another year of being the Fit Kid! Thanks for letting me jump in the last 10k. That was fun. Congratulations again on getting into Western States! :D

    1. It was a good day. Glad I got to share it with you guys!


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