Monday, April 18, 2011

2011 Boston Marathon Text Msg Race Report

Boston Marathon
Monday April 18th, 2011

7:07am Michelle - New Plan you need to run as fast as you can until mile 20 and then do 10 minute miles so I can catch you on camera!

7:21am ME - Clear skies and a tailwind! (for now anyway)

7:30am Michelle - is the excitement hitting you yet?

7:43am Me - Just got to Hopkinton

7:48 Sam - starts in 10 minutes!! (a little early which freaked me out for a second)

7:49am Michelle - head straight for a porta potty and get in line!!

7:52am Sam - remember to have fun!

8:01am Michelle - Christie wrote on your FB wall, Top results are reached only through pain but eventually you like this pain.  You will find difficulties you have on the way the more you will enjoy your success.

8:33am Michelle - How is it going? Are you ready to puke yet?

9:23am Michelle - its 47 in Boston and feels like 38
9:25am Michelle - wind is going to be blowing from the WSW at 18 to 20 mph

9:35am Me - Headed to the start.. ready or not!

10:48am - 10km Athlete Alert 0:43:39 Pace 7:01

11:37am - 13.1m Athlete Alert 1:32:58 Pace 7:05

12:19pm - 30km Athlete Alert 2:15:01 Pace 7:14

1:24pm - Finish Athlete Alert 3:19:59 Pace 7:37

1:33pm Me - Proud moment! Best run EVER (Finish line video)

1:36pm Sam – Proud of you!

1:37pm Michelle – We are still at mile 21. Your mom crossed the street and can’t get back over.  I got a video of you going by!

1:38pm Me - I wish I could share this moment with everyone!

2:04pm Rick – time to hit CHEERS and re-hydrate!

2:04pm Me - I high fived every person on the left side during the last mile.  I figured if I’m not going to make my time, I might as well have some fun!

2:06pm Me - Michelle, I love you.

2:07pm Michelle – I love you and I’m so proud of you.  I am really sorry that I wasn’t able to be there at the finish line with you.

2:12pm Michelle – We got your mom back over and we are heading to the finish area.

2:13pm Me – Austin can you fly out here and stretch me out? Great day today! Happy with my time.

2:15pm Me - I am not sure I could have made three hours with all the people in front of me and then being sick killed me at the end.  I am happy with my time given the circumstances!

2:37pm Sam – Not bad for a fat guy! J

2:59pm Billie – Great race, hope you enjoyed every minute of it! You’re my hero.  I hope to make it when I am 60!

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