Friday, April 8, 2011

An easy 6 with Mike

Ran with my buddy Mike at lunch today. I told him my plan called for an easy 6 and he said TAKE IT EASY on me!! Mike is a strong runner so we were pretty evenly matched. I signed up for a local half marathon, the Race to Robie Creek, that is held on the same day I am flying to Boston. I thought it would be fun to raffle off the bib for my fundraiser but then a number of my friends didn't get in.

So, I told Mike I would let him have first dibs on it but I told him I wanted to see a finish time of 1 hour and 40 minutes (which is smoking fast on that course). The race motto is 'The toughest half marathon in the Northwest' with 1900 feet of elevation gain in 8+ miles and 1500 feet of loss in roughly 5 miles. We both finished around 1:50 last year so I know he can do it. Today's splits 7:09 7:06 7:08 7:08 7:11 6:54.

This was from a run in January - from left to right Mike, Ben, and John

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