Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Set a goal so big you can't achieve it....

The Great Potato Marathon is coming up on May 18th and I will be running in it.  As I have been thinking about the race it reminded me of this picture I saw on Facebook several months back.

Everyone has their definition of what 'impossible' is. For me, my impossible was losing weight.  I honestly never thought I would stick with it long enough to see tangible results.

After that it was running a half marathon, a full marathon, 50 miles, and finally 100 miles.

I have set the bar high again for this race and am shooting for under 3:10.  My fastest time was 3:14 back in 2010 at St George. 

(Excerpt from an email I sent to Christie)....I WILL, however, cross the finish line with a smile on my face no matter what time is on the clock. We are both fortunate that we are able to chase our dreams and have so much fun doing it! As you know, I often tell people that I am nobody special.

What is special about me (us) is where we started. Out of shape, overweight, un-athletic, wanna-bes just trying to improve our health.

I often think of this fact and use it as a technique to relax and focus. Not too many years ago this was our 'goal so big you can't achieve it'.  Yet somehow it has become a real possibility through dedication, perseverance, and hard work. Let that feeling of knowing how hard you have prepared and how far you have come be that little voice that calms the nerves, settles the anxiousness, and tells you that you WILL REACH YOUR GOAL.


  1. I appreciate you (and your words of wisdom) and I can't wait to experience the moment where we both know we've achieved the "unreachable dream" -- yet again! :) I think it's a good thing to sometimes pause and look back to how far we've each come in our individual (yet very similar) journeys. We've come a long way!! And there's still more road ahead! Keep dreaming! Keep at it! Who knows what we'll be chasing after in another decade or two.....

    1. Um. Hopefully by then I can beat Dennis in a race!!

  2. Hahaha!!! I don't know. He's pretty stubborn!!!! He might still try to beat you from his WHEELCHAIR!!! :D Maybe I'll have done some cool things like run the entire Appalachian Trail and done the Rim to Rim to Rim or traversed the entire Pacific Crest Trail among other big dreams I still have on my wish list! Bet I could write a book along the way if I did some of those things. Life is too short not to live it at full BLAST!!!


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