Monday, May 6, 2013

RTYP Half Marathon

Not much to report here other than I feel like I am ready for the Great Potato Marathon. This was supposed to be a RTYP (Run til you puke) half marathon but I used it as an opportunity to test my marathon pace and just a bit faster.

We started at about the starting line at about the starting time so this would be kind of like a practice for the real thing. I felt out the ups and downs and was making mental notes of where to push and where to hold back too. I didn't hydrate and take calories like I would during the race so the garmin data shows an impending bonk at this pace but I was aware of that. Our plans were thrown together at the last minute. We went from 12 miles at MP to 13.1 all out and then another 7 back to the car at comfortable pace.

It worked out and we had a great run. Michelle was with me on the bike most of the way and Christie ran her own pace. We met up near the end of the half and then slogged it in together. This was the end of a 60+ mile running week for me too so I am confident with a little R&R I will be ready!

The last time I did this was just before Boston and I ran ALL OUT the whole way chasing Tony.  This one was at comfortably hard pace and I was only seconds behind that time!  NOW, the true key is to be smart on race day....unlike at Boston.  I got caught up in the fun and the crowd and ran too fast for too long and crashed.  I have learned a lot and will do better this time.

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