Friday, March 15, 2013

Weekly update

Another week down and holding steady (which is perfect).  After last week I decided that my goal would be to NOT have a calorie deficit from then until the race so that my body would get everything it needed to recover and get stronger.  I have figured out the maintenance diet pretty good over the last few years!

Another interesting thing happened this morning.  I did YOGA.  Ryan the running nerd does some yoga, who would have thought!  I had fun with Christie at the Y, so I bought a Rodney Yee DVD called Yoga Conditioning for Athletes.  There is a strength section, stretching section, and sport specific workouts for running, tennis, golf, cycling, and swimming.  Today I picked the stretching option with a side of runner specific training.  I finished feeling awesome and foam rolled to top it off!

Then I decided to bust out the Wasatch Front 100 finisher belt buckle for some casual Friday good luck and  realized my belt needed another hole punched in it.  That was a nice surprise since I haven't had to do that in about 3 years!!

Make it a great day everyone!

1 comment:

  1. Good job! You need to join me again when we get back from Antelope Island!


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