Thursday, March 7, 2013

Progress Update

They always have coffee specials here at work and today is 2 dollar Thursday.  I told them to give me an Americano with as many shots as allowed by LAW (that is just espresso shots with hot water added to top off the cup).  She hands it to me and says here is your SIX SHOT Americano!!  If you don’t hear from me you’ll know I had a heart attack and died :D BAM

Anyway, I was down 0.8 from last week but still up a bit from my low a couple of weeks ago.  Headed in the right direction for now.  I honestly think the low number was skewed because of the exercise I did the day prior which left me dehydrated.  SO, from now to race day I will try to stick to my maintenance calories to recharge my body so I will feel 100% going in.  Calorie restriction leave me (and probably most people) feel fatigued and blah most days because my body is saying I'M DYIN' HERE!

This is what my wife does while I am not at home. So not FAIR!!

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