Friday, March 29, 2013

Check in

So the race has come and gone and I swear I will write a race report of some kind.  Anyway, I spent the last couple of weeks prior to the race not trying to be at a calorie deficit so that my body could recharge and heal.  Since the race I have been focusing again on eating right and flushing all the toxic junk from my system that is a by product of running 100 miles.  Part of that is the 6,000+ calories I ate during the race which was nearly all carbs.  The other part is what remains in your muscles after that much physical activity.

On Monday when I woke up I weighed 186.6, Wednesday, 176.6, Thursday 175.6, and today was 173.6. The first 10 was no surprise, just water retention and swelling going down.  The last three were a bit of a surprise since I haven't done much this week and it would represent a true loss compare to my pre-race weight.  I am not exactly sure what my pre-race weight was though due to loading up on carbs and cutting back the exercise.

All I know is after going all out for 100 miles I feel amazing compared to my other races.  I have learned a lot over the last couple of years and it is gratifying to finally be putting it all together.

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