Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Easy Run

Today was my easy run day.  Easy according to the schedule is anywhere from 7:50 pace to 9:18 pace so I picked 8:30 in the middle. 

It seemed to be a good pace for me when I see the HR information after the fact.  145 is usually easy for me, 155 hard, and 165 is marathon pace right at my aerobic threshold.

We got a treadmill the first of the year and according to my Dailymile, where I post my daily activity I have run 2,275 miles this year.  This treadmill run brought my treadmill miles up to 23 I believe.  When I started running I used it a lot mostly because I didn't know how wonderful running outside was.  The other thing was it forced me to go faster when my body didn't necessarily want to go that fast which led to rapid improvement.

Today I sweat like a beast all over it and afterwards I realized I should have dusted the 9 months of neglect off before I coated it in liquid awesomeness.  :D Another thing I noticed, was that it forced me to land my forefoot flat on the belt.  Since running on the trails I think I have weak muscles in places because I compensate by rolling my foot on the uneven surface.  That fact was obvious today.  The last few ultras when I have gotten to the worn out stage it has always been my left forefoot.  Maybe a treadmill run here and there would strengthen and supplement the muscles that seem to get neglected.

It has been a good week!

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