Friday, November 16, 2012

Cobb to Homestead PR

After posting yesterday I thought it would be fun to add what I am doing each day at least for a week or so.

So today I wanted to go to Homestead Trailhead which is next to Harris Ranch off of Warm Springs in Boise. My friend Randy Thorn took me on this once upon a time and I wasn't thrilled with starting out on the greenbelt for two miles. Now I actually enjoy the relatively easy terrain as a nice warm up before hitting the hills. All along the greenbelt I could smell skunks and was sure today was my day. Just as I turned off the greenbelt to cross Warm Springs I hear a commotion and the bushes rattling. Ok, here it comes Eau de Skunk...then three deer almost run over me and the dash off the trail ahead of me!

Didn't have the camera today. I took this last fall on Homestead Trail.
Once I started to climb it began snowing lightly for about 3 or 4 miles which was nice. I had stopped to get a thermal shirt at Wal-mart on the way down there, and in typical fashion, it wasn't as cold as the weather guessers predicted. So I had my pullover tied around my waist wearing only the long sleeve.

Cobb trail ultimately ends where it connects to Homestead trail which leads back to the starting point. I felt relaxed and smooth today. I would say it was a comfortably hard pace and I cut 13 minutes off of my previous time. It seems like I have done this route a number of times but I only had my garmin one other time apparently.


  1. Well done. Glad you didn't have an unfortunate encounter with a skunk. That would have an uncanny way of making the run less enjoyable.


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