Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Reminder of my FIRST Secret to Success

Today was my rest day but the weather was so nice I had to get out and run.  I met Derek at Polecat and did a nice easy loop in the 59 degree temperature at 6am!  It didn't feel super warm but I ran in just shorts for half of the six miles just so I could say I did.  It is Idaho AND November after all!!

At lunch I went to A2O Fitness for their Express Circuit class and the instructor Jenny reminded me of something that was key to my first weight loss success.  We normally do the full circuit twice and today at the halfway point she said something like, This is where your body wants to give up and you have to push through it!

After I graduated from high school I weighed 242 pounds and got into shape before joining the Navy.  I lost 60 pounds in just over 2 months, mostly by riding my bike in the Boise Foothills and around Boise State.  People would ask me what my secret to success was.  For me, I learned the secret during long mountain bike rides was to.....

Go until you can't go another inch....and then turn around and come back.

I learned through experience, even way back then, that we are capable of much more that we give ourselves credit for.  I know that mentality I learned back in 1993 served me well when I was losing weight in 2009 and it has been invaluable in training for and running 100 milers. 

Today's session also reminded me of a simple question that is posted on the wall that has inspired me over the last year and a half.

Make it a great day!


  1. Hey Ryan - can you tell me how to embed a Garmin workout on your blog - everytime I think I have it, I can't get it to paste. Thanks - Jim Weatherly

    1. I just go to Garmin Connect and after clicking the share button it comes up with a list Embed, Email, Twitter.... I click on embed and the copy/paste the link from there to my new blog post.


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