Friday, July 20, 2012


I found an article a couple of months ago that I posted ->here<- that said between 90 and 95 percent of people who lose weight are not able to maintain it long term.  (Which isn't encouraging to people trying to lose weight).

For me, the weight loss was not a diet and didn't have an ending point.  When I reached my goal weight back in February 2010 I continued to do the things that made me successful and upped my calories to maintenance levels.  I have tracked my weight since I started, but once I got down to my goal weight the scale wasn't the best predictor of my progress because I was still toning up and trading fat for muscle.

During weight loss mode I did very little, like ZERO, weight training.  Which in hindsight wasn't the best practice.  Anyway, I weighed a lot less but had very little muscle.  Since then I have added some weights and circuit training classes to supplement my other, mainly cardio, workouts.  When I went to A2O fitness in February of 2011 I weighed about 186 and was 14% body fat. (For comparison, at my highest weight of 318 my body fat was 49.7%)  By September I was roughly the same weight and down to 4.65% body fat. I wrote about the progression ->here<-.

So today I asked Austin, my trainer at A2O, to take measurements again.  I feel like I have stayed the same weight while possibly doing a reverse swap of muscle for flab.  Anyway, I weighed 182.7 which was 4 pounds less than before the Bear 100 and almost exactly the same as what I weighed when I first went to A2O, which I am happy about.  The pinch test results have to be loaded into the computer to crunch the body fat percentage but I would expect that it stayed about the same as the last time. (I'll updated once he sends it to me).
My takeaway here is, find something you love to do for exercise and make it a lifelong activity so you too can be one of 5-10% that become a statistic.  THE GOOD KIND!!


  1. And your results were?????? I had that type of testing done when I was around 22 at BSU when I was taking a coaching class. Back then I was 18% body fat and weighed 107. I should head back there sometime and see where I'm at these days. It's a good test to gauge progress!

  2. Just for something interesting to think about... I found this quote: (At the beginning of the Tour, Lance Armstrong's body fat is around four or five per cent;) So, you're keeping up with Lance, huh?! That takes work! :)

  3. The trainer hasn't let me know yet. The measurements were all roughtly the same and I weighed 4#s less so I have to imagine that it went down?


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