Monday, July 9, 2012

I am not crazy after all! Whew...

After our run on Saturday there were 4 women getting ready to leave the Pioneer Lodge parking lot and it was about 9:30 or something. They asked us how far we had gone and I said about 14 miles. They looked at their watches and mentally did some math. What time did you start they asked. I don’t know, a little after 6 I guess. They were floored.

Anyway I told them we were ultra runners and she said it sounds really fancy when I say it that way. I could see this conversation was going nowhere but one of them asked me what my next big race was.  I told them Wasatch 100.  This made it was official, they knew I was crazy. After I mentioned Wasatch, two more heads popped out from behind my expedition, a man and a woman. We said goodbye to the group and off they went except these other two people. We chatted for a bit and they didn’t think I was crazy at all. The woman told us she ran Rocky Raccoon 100 and Bandera 100k when they lived in Texas. They just moved to the Boise area and were looking for some good trails. I told them to check out the Pulse runs and if they are on Facebook to find Boise Trail Runners.

They were super nice, anyway it would be nice to see them again out on the trails!
Ultrasignup>Charlene Janiak  Ultrasignup>Robert Janiak

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