Friday, June 22, 2012

Silver City 100k tomorrow!

Getting excited to kick some butt at the Silver City 100k tomorrow.  This is my first attempt at 100k.  I have done several 100 milers but this will be a challenge due to the altitude and elevation change.  Pacing will be critical.  Good times!


  1. "Several" hundreds, huh? When I've done a second one, I'm going to start referring to it as "several" too, then! :D Good luck tomorrow at Silver City! See you at Mile 36! I'll be the one in the pink flamingo hat!!!!

  2. It was wonderful to see your family and Mike there. Thanks for getting me refocused! I had a wonderful day.

  3. Isn't that elevation profile just the bomb diggity?!?!? I think I'm going to go out and run about 50 miles of that course as my "peak" run before IMTUF. I just love it out there so much. I'll be mentally focusing on climbing late in the game since that's where I fell apart at Bighorn. It was totally a mental breakdown. Anyway, happy you had a good run. What are your Wasatch goals?


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