Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Running Nerd Ryan Rides a Bike.... Dr. Seuss! This one is for my Dailymile cycling buddies Scott J. and Sue R.

Distance: 17.4 miles Time: 01:19 Pace: 13.2mph

So today I decided to get up and ride the Prison Loop. From my house I go out towards the Idaho State Maximum Security Penitentiary and make a big loop back to my house. When I started to lose weight I did this loop twice a week on my Specialized Stumpjumper mountain bike and swam the other days. This route was the first route I used for a long marathon run and I remember I thought I would die!

Anyway, today was interesting. About halfway through, I dropped down to the center ring in the front to climb a hill and was never able to shift back to the big ring. It was really annoying and I need a tune up for sure. I still use the Stumpjumper for my road rides!

As I was riding I was thinking back to the first rides I did out here. A couple of observations had me laughing.

-Some things never change
  • There is ALWAYS a headwind going west on 10 Mile Creek Road, deal with it.
  • I always feel better after a good workout no matter what it is
  • Beating the sunrise is always awesome
  • There is a dog that lives on Cloverdale between Columbia and Hubbard that would eat me for breakfast if I poured maple syrup on my butt
  • I will always be slow on my tank of a bike. The knobby tires and pedals with baskets for my non-clip in shoes stink.
-Some things do change

  • I didn't stop at 8.5 miles to smoke any cigarettes
  • I have granny hands now that I lost weight so I wore gloves and a long sleeve which I NEVER did before
  • I have improved my time significantly
  • I had a smile the entire way and almost embraced my tank bike thinking maybe I was getting a better workout because of its inefficiency
Another side note, Camelbaks are awesome for bike riding. I hate them with a passion for running. Street lights encountered, zero. Stop signs, five. Number of cars I saw today, maybe 20.

After today's adventure, I may even try lifting weights Br3nda!

Avg HR 120 Max 150

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