Monday, April 9, 2012

Race to Robie Creek

Several people who have passed by my blog have wondered where my title picture was taken so I thought I would fill in the details.  Two years ago I submitted a short essay to the Idaho Statesman begging for an entry into the sold out Race to Robie Creek half marathon.  The rules were simple, 150 words or less and it had to be humorous or inspirational. 

The deadline was 5pm on a Friday and I started in typical fashion at about 4:30. Now, 150 words is just enough to say PICK ME, PICK ME!! I wasn't sure how they would pick between the hundreds of entries, so I cheated.  If you have ever heard the phrase, 'a picture is worth 1,000 words', it's true.  I got 1,150 words with this picture attached to my email submission.

Click here for the essay.

The pictures were taken April 7th, 2010 on the New York Canal at the back of our subdivision in Boise.


  1. I'd always wondered where that picture was taken. I guess I could have just ASKED you! :)

  2. Congratulations Ryan!
    My name is Nunzio Lagattuta,I am a original member of the Rocky Canyon Sailtoads(before they went Corporate).I am also the artist of the Original Race to Robie creek logo.
    I would say if you don't have an entry,run the race,time yourself but don't cross the finish line...there is none!
    If you send me your name and address I will send you an original poster.They are usually 30.00 which includes shipping.
    Good luck on the run,drink lots of water.
    Nunzio Lagattuta
    POBOX 405
    Brookings Oregon 97415


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