Sunday, April 22, 2012

Geoff Roes - Slogging to the top

Key takeaway - managing the low points can save much more time than trying to run a bit faster during the high points. 

For one of the best runners on earth, he is very humble about his accomplishments too.  Good stuff.


  1. There is such a sense of calm when watching this. I appreciate his mindset. The way he lives his life embracing and wanting to know the mountains, the terrain intimately. I enjoyed watching him in the Western States movie. I think I like him even more after watching this... A free spirit. He runs the way Micah did - with his heart. He's one of the best but he doesn't even seem to care about that at all. Wonderful....

    1. Above all, his humilty is the most amazing thing to me. I bet if you met him he would probably say something like, ya I enjoy running. End of story :D I got a little bit of that yesterday. Several of the people we were cheering along at the end told me I looked like I ought to be up front running and I told them I was right where I needed to
      be. Derek said I had finished plenty of these and was quick to say this was only my 2nd one. End of story. When I left that lady and her son at the summit I held her hand, looked at her, and said I'll see you at the finish line. It really was a different experience yesterday.

  2. I told Wayne as we sat on the porch last night -- I never said a word to those runners I was helping about any of the stuff I've done. As far as they know, I'm just some housewife who's never ran more than a block and that was how I wanted it to be. It was their turn - their moment and honestly, I have more respect for the runners who bring up the end of the race course than those who are at the front. It's all about heart at the back!!! And, I agree. Geoff seems very humble. A good guy.


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