Friday, April 6, 2012

Pickled Feet 12 hour

My goal was to practice my pacing, fueling, and feel good at the end as if I needed to go another 50 miles. It went well I think. The other part of the goal was to be awake and functioning for my older brothers wedding on Saturday. Since the race was 6pm-6am that was difficult but we were able to get 2.5 hours of sleep afterwards.

It was mid 50s when we started and it rained lightly for several hours. Most of us had short and long sleeves on which was enough as long as you kept moving. Once the clouds broke the moon shining down reflecting off the Boise River was gorgeous. I even caught I gigantic toad along the way and ran with it to the finish line to 'share' with the volunteers. Amy's friend got a picture of it which was cool.

I walked a lap with my wife Michelle, then ran a lap with Christie.

When we got back I walked another lap with Michelle but this time carried a Marine pack wearing a flak jacket. One of our friends, Jon did a lap with the 100 pound pack to honor a local Marine and I thought it would be nice to pay the same tribute. It was a very emotional experience for me as I thought about how much our military men and women give so we can enjoy the freedom they provide. I thought when I was done everyone should walk a mile with that pack to feel that feeling.

It was also a very tangible reminder of how far I have come in just a few short years.

When my garmin died, my average pace was 14:33 which included walking with Michelle and the lap with the pack which was really slow as well as at least an hour plus in the aid station visiting and enjoying the night with the many friends and volunteers. I think my goal is attainable.

Thanks to Emily and Davina for putting on a wonderful event. 

 PS - I decided I was done after 17 laps when I saw Jon's feet and mine felt like his looked. So I took off my shoes to inspect. To my surprise my feet were in great shape and zero blisters. With the rain and mud, our feet were wet from the start. So while I was sitting there everyone asked why I wasn't out running and I told them it was because my garmin died and there was no way I could continue without GPS navigation. The official timer came over to cut off my timing chip and with the 'encouragement' of everybody I got up and killed another lap with Chere and Val which was fun. We had to push the pace a little so would get credit for a full lap because if I didn't finish before 6am it didn't count.

Good day ☺☺

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