Thursday, January 6, 2011

Leon's FAT A** after the Holidays 50K run

I have been terrible about keeping this up but did want to share that I ran a 50K (31 mile) race last Sunday. It wasn't really a race, more like people who love running getting together to freeze their butts off in the mountains with snow everywhere!!
Juliet, Randy, Me, Otto, Billie, Sparkle, Leon - at the rock pile at the top of Corrals
I ran most of the way with my friend Billie.  She was amazing.  31 miles is a long way to go no matter what, but when you add a 14 degree start, snow to our knees is places and 5000 feet of elevation gain and drop it makes for an interesting day. 

I had fun and look forward to joining most of these crazy people for the Pocatello 50 mile race in May.

We ended up going a different way back which lenghtened the course and we had to hitchhike 2 miles back to our cars! This is a cool aerial video of the course if you have Google Earth installed on your computer. Click the link and then when the map comes up click the 3D box in the upper right hand corner.

Me at the half way point

Billie at mile 31.17 after we hitchhiked!!

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