Friday, November 29, 2013

Hollilynn 10 miler and a bit of reflection

Gorgeous day. Started with my normal gloves, jacket, and hat. By the end I had the gloves stuffed down the front of my shorts, the hat tucked in my jacket, and wishing I didn't even have the jacket.
One of my friends Melissa came over to the house on Wednesday and interviewed Michelle and I about our weight loss and running transformation. It took me back to why I started all this in the first place and reminded me of what it felt like starting out as a runner.
Back in 2009 I decided to do a marathon plan and I couldn't seem to bring my brain to get over the 13 mile hump. This ten mile route was always the start of my longer runs back then. I think I gave up before hitting 13 miles two times before I finally brought myself to complete it because, "Why would anyone want to run that far? ON PURPOSE...crazy....!!"
Anyway, I had all this rolling around in my brain while I was out yesterday while at the same time trying to figure out a good way to cut it short and cave on my original 10 mile goal. I thought about just stopping at 9 and doing a cooldown or walkng mile 10. The more I tried to talk myself into it the more I realized it wouldn't happen. I have set lots of seemingly impossible goals for myself and achieved most of them. Giving up is not what got me there. By the time I made it to 8.5 miles I was determined to make the last mile the fastest one just to prove to myself that I can push when what I really want to do is quit and finish what I started. Mile 10 did turn out to be the fastest at 6:56.
The interview was for an internet radio program. Once it's up I'll post the link if anyone is interested in hearing me tell my story of Fat Boy to Fast Boy!
This is a great hilly route for marathon training.  I did have to stop in the first mile to adjust my bra strap which was unfortunate. Wearing a heart rate monitor can be a huge pain some days!

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