Friday, November 15, 2013

Half Marathon Week 11/4-11/10

Like any dumb idea this started with either Derek or I saying wouldn't it be fun to run a half marathon every day next week...and the other dumb one agreeing. When what you really want to do is back out but you don't want to look like the weak you keep pretending it's a good idea! I think this code is in the: 

MAN MANUAL - A Handbook for Everlasting Stupidity in Chapter 3.....

ANYWAY, this conversation took place BEFORE running the real Zeitgeist race the previous Saturday at race pace!?  My goal for this insane challenge was to run a comfortable but challenging pace with enough left in the tank so I could come back the next day and do it all over again.  I felt like getting under 2 hours each time would be a respectable time.  After tossing around the idea of doing 13.1 each day I suggested we run actual race courses in the valley.  

We settled on Snocone Scamper, Zeitgeist (Part II), Fit for Life, City of Trees, and The Great Potato. The only one I was concerned with meeting the 2 hour goal was Zeitgeist since it has over 1100 feet of gain.  But by Thursday I was concerned every day!  I have run plenty of weeks with more mileage but not back to back runs near race pace. I haven't run this much pavement in forever too.  

Monday - Snocone Scamper (Me and Derek)
This honestly felt like the hardest one.  Two days after a 1:42 finish at Zeitgeist for real hurt.  The path from Glenwood to Merrill Park was covered in thick leaves too which obscured the roots and crinkled asphalt and was a general pain in the butt.
Tuesday - Zeitgeist Part II (Me, Derek, and David)
I was actually looking forward to running this in the dark and not at race pace!  We still made good time despite the 21 degree temps at the start and the darkness helps you focus on the next step...not the big hill coming up ahead. David told us he ran a treadmill half the night before during Monday Night Football so he was still in the challenge.  Derek kinked his calf in the final stretch and wasn't feeling too hot afterward which was a bummer.
Wednesday - Fit for Life (Me, Derek, David, Christie, and Heather)
Fun bigger group to help pass the miles. Derek decided after this one he better take some rest time and get back to 100%.  I was glad he made that decision but it also makes getting my butt out of bed the next day all that much harder.
Thursday - City of Trees (Me and David)
This honestly, was my most favorite course.  It has a little bit of everything.  Flat, uphills, downhills, greenbelt, and bench views.  The miles melted away as we chatted about whatever.
Friday - The Great Potato (Me, David, and Christie)
This one was a bit trickier since it was a point to point race.  We decided to meet at the finish and drive up to the start in my truck.  Later in the day Christie retrieved my truck with her husband and delivered it to work since I didn't have time to go get it when we were done.  Other than getting all 5 of them under 2 hours, my other goals were to make the last one the fastest one and if the stars aligned make the last mile the fastest mile of the 65 miles. This was the only one under 1:50 with a last mile of 7:32, which happened to be the best one.  It wasn't blazing fast. I see it as more of a tribute to being smart and not going so hard each day that I couldn't get it done the next.
Happy Trails

One more goal...not have to take the next week off because I trashed myself.  I reserved the trashing for the following Monday when I did Cervidae 2 times!


  1. I love that you did this challenge and that you let me be a part of a couple of the races too!!! It was a lot of fun and I think it should be a yearly thing! Maybe I can get some of the "fast girls" to run them all slightly slower so we can handle 5 halves in a week, too for a female division! :D

    1. Part of the challenge was getting them all in before work! The alarm seemed to come earlier and earlier each day.


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