Saturday, September 14, 2013


Today I retired, officially, the first trail shoes I ever wore at an ultra.  These are Brooks Cascadia 6's that I got just before the Boston Marathon back in 2011.  I wore them for the Pocatello 50 miler in May of that year.

I haven't used them on the trail in a long time but have instead kept them around as 'yard' shoes forever.  As much as I run I have a lot of 'yard' shoes so today they officially made it to the trash can.

Getting rid of a pair of shoes is not a big deal, but what really got me thinking was that I ran my first ultra just over 2 years ago?  I have had the opportunity to do some really cool races in such a short time.  Happy Trails!

1 comment:

  1. I followed those shoes for 14 hours the first time I ran 50 miles. I remember you didn't want to get them wet in the section of Greenbelt that was flooded that June. :) Good shoes.


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