Saturday, September 14, 2013

Lucky Peak

 Last Friday I had big plans to run long in the hills above Boise.  Derek and I had planned to run Lucky Peak 3 times and add some greenbelt at the end to round it out.  We did one lap (11 miles and 3200 feet of gain) and then Christie joined us.  On the second lap Derek said he was spent and two would be his max.  I quickly agreed and the three of us had a nice comfortable run to finish out the second lap.

It was now past midnight and officially Derek's birthday.  We celebrated with chocolate milk and all three of us sat on the tailgate chatting while looking at the stars.  Good fun.

The pace felt rather slow but when it was all said and done we were below 24 hour pace even with sitting and relaxing along the way.


  1. You forgot the best part -- flopping on the mountain top and telling camping stories halfway through the last lap. A truly spectacular Birthday run for Derek for sure! :) Now we've all three celebrated our birthdays on Lucky Peak. It's kind of a tradition now. Good times!

    1. The best part about the flopping and story break....I still finished under 24 hour pace for the run! Good reminder that I don't have to move fast..just have to keep moving!


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