Friday, June 14, 2013

Try for Others - Western States Project

As most people know I love to be up at the crack of dawn running and often take my camera with me.  I saw this sunrise picture on the Try for Others - Western States facebook page and just had to share.  It said it was taken at the Bishop 100K in California in May.

Chris Waters is running the Western States 100 in two weeks and as part of his run he is raising money for an organization called Try for Others.

...from the TFO website

"Team TFO (Try For Others) encourages both able-bodied and disabled individuals to defy stereotypes, challenge their limitations, and inspire humanity. As a member of Team TFO, individuals identify an athletic challenge to overcome (marathon, triathlon, hike, race, etc.) and give meaning to their pursuit by raising funds so that TFO can help disabled persons overcome their own challenges."

Take moment to check it out.  There is a nice video on the FB page giving Chris's background and connection to TFO. 

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